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1st June and children are gang raped

Phina So
June02/ 2014

1st June is the International Children Day and yet I saw horrible news about gang rape on children at two countries appear on the media. It is beyond sad to imagine how hurt the rape cause to people on earth, not just the children’s family and friends.

The gang rape makes me not want to read news again but that won’t do anything to help protect children neither.

One case is from India, not a strange place for rape case to be happened. Seeing the picture alone you can feel the greatest agony any human would feel. Two female teenage cousins were hanged under a mango tree after they were gang raped. One or two of the suspects are believed to be the local policemen. The village people were still there for a few hours surround the lifeless young victims refusing for the police to take them and they are demanding the police to take action. It is not strange for Cambodia to for the word “demanding the authority to take action”. Why? Because naturally, police is expected to implement their duties and the “demanding the authority to take action” happens when they do not fulfill their duties.

Another gang rape happened in Malaysia where 38 men ganged rape a 15-year-old girl. It is beyond word to describe what came to mind of these 38 animals before they inhumanly decided to rape a girl.

There is a great ignorance about rape everywhere. While there was research finds that 1 in 5 Cambodian men admit that they have raped a woman (the sample is about nearly 2,000 Cambodian men), the reaction was “this is a wrong data” rather than at least to accept that rape is real. Many men felt humiliated by the data “1 in 5” that we showed them.