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20 years later and your teacher still remembers you

Phina So
May19/ 2014

We were having a big dinner at a restaurant during our field work. There were two tables with 6 men nearby. Later, there were a group of 4 middle-age men sit by our table.

 Without my notice, there was a man who walked past. A minute later, he came back and he stopped a minute in front of me and said “You are familiar”. I smiled at first. I didn’t give much of my attention. However, a minute later I thought to myself “He also looks familiar”. I kept thinking and try to identify the man. With a big effort to try to remember him, I was wondering if he is from Pursat. I thought to myself that if he is the biology teacher, he was one of the most popular, young, handsome, humorous, and kind to his students. I still remember how much the students loved him. However, I dare not turn and start the conversation. I was afraid that he is not him.

 Sitting just a meter away, he turned to us again and said “You are not from this town?” Instead of replying, immediately, I asked “Are you from Pursat?” Yes was his reply! Then I continued “Did you teach Biology?” He replied YES for a second time. Consequently, I told him my name.

Not long after he thanked me that I still remember him. To me, it is fascinating that a teacher, back in 20 years ago, still remembers me. Although I told him my name but he still recalls to what lessons he taught me. I was not a good student so I never thought that a teacher would remember me but I was wrong again. And I am more than happy to realize how I was wrong in such a time.

Prey Veng, 19 May 2014