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A privilege to listen to talented Cambodian female writers

Phina So
June02/ 2014

There was a gathering among Cambodian artists, writers, photographers, students, and those who love to read and write.

There were about 10 Khmer women writers to came passionately to talk, introduce, show their books, poem, and research they have been doing. The concept of only young are progressive is wrong. These women are in 50s, 60s, and 70s who work tirelessly to keep writing and preserving Khmer literature for the next generation.

A young man silently sat among many others. He is not just a person who is interested with the gathering but a talented photographer whose his recent project “United” was translated into 3 languages (Khmer, English, and French) and is on sale at France.

A female writer who is quite active in her 70s showed her research on the symbols of Khmer classical dance and more. She told how she has discovered a type of plant which Khmer people had been used long before the arrival of the contemporary hair chemical products.

What is sad about being writers in Cambodia is that they are not given enough protection from the government. One writer expressed her frustration and anger over the piracy act on her newly published novel. Ones lost hope of the capacity of earning money from writing books in the kingdom. One suggestion from another participant was that the authors must sign and give each book a serial number. Doing so, they know immediately who copy their books. Still, the message is “to recognize the copied books” only.

Getting the chance to know these talented artists made me feel so proud indeed.