• Today is: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
About me

I started writing blog since 2007 but i wrote it in secret. I mean I rarely told anyone about it. I used to tell a few of my closed people but they never interested of what i have written. Then, I thought I am not good enough to write. However, I keep writing my thought to myself.

I always want to make it public but sometimes I think my grammar is damn bad. It is another reason I didn’t make it public. Later, I decided that I don’t need to be perfect to write. So, I advertised it!

This blog tells you a lot of things. I can say that it is all about my experience, idea and thought about education, children, women and youths. I also write about my childhood experiences that I think it is important to tell.

Now i can call my self a social worker so I might write about social work and what it means to me.

I would really much appreciate for your comments!


Writer and researcher
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