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About me

Phina So is a fictional short story writer. She co-founded Kampu Mera Editions to provide platforms for emerging writers mostly women to write contemporary stories about women empowerment, cultural transgression, and social critical. One of her short stories ‘Songs Bring Strength’ was translated into English and published in Consequence Magazine. Another story ‘The Black Dog’ is being translated and published at the Cambodian anthology for University of Hawai’i Press. ‘Freshwater Lobster and the Trouble with Names’ is translated and published by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. Other Various poems of hers are also translated into English, French, and Nepali. She founded Khmer Literature Festival in 2017 and will organise the third editions in Phnom Penh in October 2019. Currently, Phina is the Manager of the Knowledge, Networks and Policy Program at Cambodian Living Arts.

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