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A walking adventure with a new friend at Bishkek

Phina So
October19/ 2014

I read so many articles about traveling to Bishkek city. I was careful also to read about what should and should not I do at the city. One of the most common advice (it applies everywhere of course!) is not to travel alone at night.

After ending day 2 of the conference, I was invited to walk from the host university to our hotel. Of course, I was with a friend, not alone. I was a little scared but like to take the walk and talk more than anything. It was only about 10 minutes walk after all.

We walked talking all the way. There were light on the street. There was a couple who was trekking not very far from us. Everything was fine until it became dark. Then, we lost our way. Luckily, we had a torch phone. We walked through many small dried bushes while I kept being very talkative to ease my fear.

There was an old car coming toward our direction.While the car was close approaching,  I thought about the worst. I remember reading newspaper about how women were dragged into strangers’ car and disappeared. I remember how would it appear on the local news of our disappearance. My evil mind went even too far to think about how people would blame us for walking at night (victim blaming I often talked about). I was sorry to feel about all those awful thought but I can’t help not to think about it.

Luckily, the car went pass. we were relieved. Then, we moved on. In front of us we could see the high building of Ak Keme Hotel. I thought YEAH! We almost made it. However, after we managed to climb a waist-height fence, my dress was torn.  Luckily, I have my jacket that I could wear around my waist to cover it. 🙂

Then, we saw a group of young men talking in the dark in front of a car among many tall trees. We paused for a while and thought of what we should or could do. My instinct kicked in. I remembered I learn a few words of Russian from Youtube a few day earlier. Immediately, I said “Pree Viet” (means hello!). Fortunately, there was a young woman’s voice returning her PREE VIET to us. Sighed. Then, we went on. They asked me in Russian which I didn’t understand. I just simply replied in English telling them that I was on my way to Ak Keme Hotel. There was a silent among them behind us which I was not sure whether they understand me or not. Finally, we made our way to the hotel even 5mn before the arrival of the bus that carried the other delegates.

To congratulate our adventure, my friend bought me a very delicious cocktail at the sky bar at the top floor of the Ak Keme hotel. That was a wonderful night to share the moments at Bishkek. We talked about the walk and how we realized that we both were such good walking partners.

After all, everything was so very fine.  I bring with me love, friendship, and good memory.

A park at Bishkek
A park at Bishkek
A huge field along the way to a genocide musuem
A huge field along the way to a genocide musuem