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Rebellious artist

Phina So
August22/ 2014

She was told to draw. She slowly took a paint brush and made her paper ready to get started. She was curious with what her teacher was about to tell her what to draw. Next, she realized that she was told to draw a Khmer rural woman with a clay pot on the head. She frowned.

She lost interest with the lesson.

She rose from a small group of classmates and sat about 5 meters away and sat at the opposite direction. The teacher saw her but ignored at first as he was also busy with the others.

The young student now looked at a different angle. She saw only a far away light blue and green jungle. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. With the drawing board stood in front of her. She started drawing something that only artistic people could tell what her drawing was about.

Her teacher came and shocked from what he saw. He said:

“You are not supposed to draw that!”

“What is the matter, sir!” she responded.

“See, you didn’t do what I tell you to do!”

Her teacher walked away speechless. To him, she is rebellious. But to her perhaps, it is not. It is creative. !

She smiled and kept finishing her artwork.