Author: Phina So
Phina So

Hello, readers! I am Phina, a writer. Besides being a writer myself, I work and motivate young people/emerging writers to publish their work. I have been active in the writing community hosting and participating various literary events. Recently, I organized and moderated a panel on Women Empowerment through Literary Scene with three women poetesses at the 5th Cambodia Book Fair. In December 2016, I also organized the Writers Year End Gathering at Meta House gathering about a hundred writers to celebrate the achievement and hard work for writers and to build a stronger network among writers. In early 2016, three other writers and I co-founded Slap Paka Khmer (Khmer Collaborative Writers) to support Khmer writers. Also, I’m invited to be a co-guest editor for Nou Hach Literary Journal. In 2015, five other female authors and I self-published an anthology of short stories, “Crush Collection”, a collection of stories about being strong, hopeful, and being independent of Cambodian young women. Our second anthology ‘Vitheavy 2016 and Other Short Stories’ was published and launch at the Book Fair and they were sold out. I intend to compile “Top Ten Cambodian Female Writers of Our Time” in the near future. I also continue to use a historical and philosophical perspective in her fictional writing, in order to enquire into the role and identity searching of Cambodian women in the 1940s. Currently, I’m a Knowledge, Network and Policy Program Manager at the Cambodian Living Arts.