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Breastfeeding at public

Phina So
July06/ 2014

How a Starbucks staff treats a nursing mother is awesome. I found his act is loveable and he earns my salute. And he is just 19 years-old.

According to Yahoo Shine, a customer made a loudly complaint to a barista at a Ottawa-based Starbucks as she wanted a nearby nursing woman could hear her. She was reported asking the man to stop the mother from breastfeeding her baby in the restaurant and quoted as saying the act is disgusting. The barista responded with a smile and said he would handle that for her. While the nursing mother was preparing to make a defense for herself and her baby, the barista came to her with a free drink (hope it was not coffee) and plus a free voucher for coming over next time. Moreover, the young man said he was sorry that she had to deal with such a wrong complaint.

His act toward the mother was cheered by the company and many people especially mothers from many part of the world. Yahoo Shine reports that the company management praised the staff for the right thing he did. Phd in Parenting also posted on her Facebook page asking her friends to give big tip to staff at the Cafe. Many media outlets also report his thoughtful service to his client. He must now be famous now.

Breastfeeding in public should not be a problem for any women. It is just a natural obligation that a mother must fulfill for babies.

Last 2 years, a mutual friend of mine got a not very good story like the mother above. She was breastfeeding her baby at a big local shopping mall and was asked to go away by a staff. She was told that the exposing breast at that restaurant is unacceptable. She was very angry and felt deeply humiliated. However, she just could not stopped there. She made a complaint of her case to be heard. I am not sure about the result of her complain but her story appeared via many local news. And she gained a lot of appreciation of her brave act and sincere assurance that what she did to her child and standing up against such insensitive behavior were the best example.

Though some women might feel that breastfeeding in public is the right thing to do, they might still feel shy. So, having a special nursing cover can be a good solution.

More info: https://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/julia-wykes-starbucks-ottawa-breastfeeding-213759891.html