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Cambodia Book Fair 2014

Phina So
December03/ 2014

Children laugh was heard from the hall. They laughed and engaged with a SIPAR’s staff who was performing a favorite puppet show. Whenever, he asked any questions, the children just answered without hesitation. This was just one small part of the 2014 Cambodia Book Fair.

2014 Cambodia Book Fair (Photo credit to the National Library)
2014 Cambodia Book Fair (Photo credit to the National Library)

Besides, the puppet show, the Cambodia Book Fair hosted many other programs, reading for children which mostly performed by the writers themselves, books launching where readers could meet their favorite writers, speakers series on various topic such as Khmer literature, women writers, writers’ rights, youth and novel…etc.

Moreover, parents can bring their children to buy discounted good quality books. It was not only a book event, it was also where parents and children can spend valuable time together. Furthermore, it could build their children’s love on books stronger.

Young people were choosing books.
Young people were choosing books. (Photo credit to writer Hang Borin)

This year brought more people to come to the event. Many people uploaded their photos on their social media network stating about the event and encouraged their friends to come along. Many pictures of writers, photographers, artists, organizers were uploaded with their smile and happy faces encouraging their friends to come along. Some volunteers updated their popular Facebook statuses on every event’s program.

Some people wished that the event would become a National Reading Day where more and more family come along and share the love of reading to their children and friends.

This event also promotes a proud feeling among all writers, and new young people who would love to write. It was just a bless to witness the eagerness of young people who really made the event went smoothly and fruitfully. Hope that the event would continue to be a success every coming years and together build a greater reader generation for Cambodia and a rise of Khmer literature.