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Contemporary songs VS old songs

Phina So
August11/ 2013

Here are some differences of the 60s and 70s song and the contemporary song. Here are some of them:

The 60s and 70s songs:

  1. Appreciation of women: There are plenty of songs musicians made them special for women. They appreciate their skin, hair, attitude, the way she walks…. and much more. For example, the Golden Voice, Sin Sisamut sang a song called ” កូននរណាគេ. The song means “Whose daughter she is?”. He describes her natural beauty. He compared her charming face to the moon and he asked her to tell him whose daughter she is. Another song is probably «អនអើយស្រីអន» “Orn Euy Srey Orn” means “the girl named Orn”. The song was a big hit and it is still popular to many middle age people. The song describes two secret lovers who valued their pure Khmer dignity and tradition. They duet and declared their love to each other and they promised to arrange a wedding.
  2. Soft but seductive: I would give my thump up for Pen Ron. She was very talented. Who can ignore her song? Who can only listen to her song without having the picture in their mind? Who would listen to her song without having a smile on their faces? When she sang about a flower, you would see a red rose on your hair. If she sang about anything, that thing would just appear in your live imagination. There are so much to describe but I don’t think I can tell them all. Whenever, there were seductive art in any songs, Pen Ron was involved and they came out just great as always.
  3. Most songs from the 60s and the 70s describes a great deal of our surroundings and life events. They would compose a song about mountains, rivers, or name of villages. The song could brought the image vividly. For example, a song titled «ពោធិសាត់អនុស្សា» “Pursat where memories last” describes almost everywhere of Pursat province. The singer sang about beautiful girls at particular villages, the lovely little wooden bridge which people used to cross everyday,….and so much more. If you are a person from Pursat, you would remember all the events vividly in your head. The love for your province is also growing, I bet.
  4. Some of the oldie songs are very sexy. They didn’t use sexy words but they just sang about something else. If you listen and think a little harder, then you just can’t stop laughing…..
  5. Most songs were originally composed by Khmer musicians: They were nationalists and talents. They composed their own songs. The music and the meanings are truly Khmer and they last long in Khmer hearts.

What I don’t like about the contemporary songs:

  1. Many songs were copied from others’ works. They brought shame to Khmer people. Some musicians steal the songs from the neighboring countries and declare that they are theirs.
  2. Many songs are written about blood, broken heart, accidents, cheating, beating…
  3. Some singers are not talents but they are just pretty. They make physical appearance more important than the song itself
  4. They are not well composed. No rhymes, if i have to say in short!

Of course, there are some beautiful songs nowadays but there are very few.


Photo credit: Documentary “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten”