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Déjà vu

Phina So
December11/ 2010

Reflective Journal
By Phina So
A Bridge of Ghosts,’ a Strange Sense of Déjà vu
Written by James Pringle
The Cambodia Daily
27th and 28th of November 2010

It was not the Koh Pich stampede that attracted me to read the article but the word Déjà vu did. The writer used many interesting and powerful adjectives to describe the scenes and emotions of the people. It takes about 15 minutes of my time to understand it and of course I have to read it twice. Sometimes, I have to check the dictionary to study the difficult words many times but I found out that they are the right words to tell readers how people feel at the particular time or event. In fact, the writer introduced an ongoing scene which followers could follow easily. The article also describes how he half was awaked by many ambulances’ sirens and the decision to get up to see what was happening. When he got to see the real picture of the Koh Pich stampede victims, he remembered how he witnessed innocent Cambodian people die massively during the Pol Pot regime. He seems to hear similar voices speaking in Khmer of agonized horror, of helplessly seeing their loved ones perish in agony. I think it is one of the reasons the journalist introduced the Déjà vu.