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Dumped like cattle

Phina So
June16/ 2014


“Dumped like cattle” is a comment of a twitter user name Alex Consiglio. He described how Cambodian illegal migrant workers are dumped from the caged truck unannounced and forcibly moved from Thailand.

As reported by the Asian Correspondent website, there are about 100,000 migrant workers have been deported and self migrated due to fear of insecurity. There was also a rumor that 9 workers were killed and several were injured during the violent raids in Thailand.

Dumped like a cattle by Alex Consiglio on Twitter
Dumped like a cattle by Alex Consiglio on Twitter

The picture itself tells a million words. There are a lot to tell..it can be emotions, nationalism, poverty, inhumanity, cruel, violence, heart, hurt…,and a ton more.

These people are treated less than animals. I do not suggest that animals should be treated like that but the inhuman treatment shows a lack of human dignity, Metta, and Karuna that every Buddhist practices. This is simply an agony stuff to watch.

In Cambodia, 13 June, the government is moved by the incident. As a result, a plan was announced to send hundreds of trucks to pick the deportees back to their home provinces. The incident also has caused some uncomfortable feeling among MPs if not every Cambodian.

I wish the pain will drill the gut of the people who have the authority to establish urgent, sustainable, appropriate, and effective development programs to create more than enough local jobs so that these poor families do not risk their lives in working in Thailand where they are treated less than a human being or second or third class citizens.