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Family Reading Day

Phina So
May27/ 2014

Granny and family reading dayThis grandma was reading a story book for her grandchildren during the reading day! (The photo is credited to Veha La, CANS-C’s current president

In this picture, a grandma is helping her grandchildren to read a book. Sitting around her were about 7 children who were willing to listen and can’t wait for their turn to read. This photo itself tells a lot about how successful the activity was. There was so much about volunteerism and community participation as you can find parents, grandparents, teachers, students, Australian alumni, Rood to Read Cambodia who volunteered their time and effort in participating and organizing such a wonderful day.

Family reading day

Two mothers were assisting their children while attending the family reading day (Credited to Pheareth Tum, CANS-C’s vice president)

The Family Reading Day was organized by Cambodian Australian Network of Students -Cambodia (CANS-C) cooperated with the Australian Alumni Association-Cambodia, and IDP-Cambodia as a part of the Joy of Reading project. The project aims to promote the culture of reading among young people by donating reading books and through reading competition. So far, there are 4 public primary schools in Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom that benefit from this project. To help teachers to promote the reading habit among their students, the team provides the teacher necessary library skills to help maintain books and run their school library effectively. A representative from Rome to Read Cambodia is behind the crucial assistance offered to the assistance.

I was informed by a closed friend of mine that 11 March, which is the birthday of the most beloved and respected late Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia Choun Nath, was proposed to the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to be the National Reading Day. Still, the process is pending till today.  I wish that the proposal of the reading day is finally approved soon so that we would see more meaningful activities are conducted to promote the reading culture among Cambodians.  It seems that some people are having a sense of standing behind a history in promoting reading culture in the kingdom. Great job!