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Fundraising for Poet Sao Puthpong

Phina So
June01/ 2017

I met a man in a creative writing workshop which facilitated by a British writer near Toul kork area. The man was in great difficult in moving. I started to wonder what made him so inspired to come to the writing workshop despite his limited mobility. Without help from a few people, he definitely could not make his trip there. He finally made it to the first story room. His poems were quite good. And soon later, I learned that he is Sao Puthpong, a writer and poet.

We became friends on Facebook. I just follow him normally. Consequently, I found out that he is quite a good poet and seems to be a knowledgeable man. His poetry is critical too! Eventually, life goes on. His timeline often shows his frequent medical visit as well as his new poems, commentaries on society, and the stories behind his writing…etc. No one would know how his real life has been.

Recently, a former colleague, Seng Hong, inquired me about his situation. I only knew that he is living with disability which prevents him from moving freely. In fact, bong Hong has visited his family and has helped with medical referral so far. He knows that the family is in a great difficulty. His wife works for a hotel in town and earns about 150 USD per month. Their two children are at a public school. The boy is at grade 9th, while his younger sister is at grade 7th. Both are enrolled at Preah Yukunthor High and Junior High School.

Knowing his struggling situation, we initiated to organise an event to raise fund for him. And the event will be tomorrow at Meta House starting from 6pm onward. Through this event, we hope to raise some money to help him a bit. Also, if everything goes well, we will consider publish some of his work too.

Please come and drop your donation. Every Riels would mean a lot to him and his family. Your donations would help him keep writing.