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Introducing 2017 Living Arts Fellows

Phina So
June08/ 2017

This blog post, I would like to introduce five art professionals and artists who have been awarded the Living Arts Fellows Program. Living Arts Fellows program aims to build arts and cultural leadership skills and to build wider networks locally and internationally.


Ms Sous Sinath has been with Phare for more than 10 years. She currently is a senior HR manager from Phare, Performing Social Enterprise. She has supported various festivals and performances locally and internationally. She is one of the core teams that has been working to curate and increase the amount of social impact at Phare. She’s got her Master Degree in Law and Business Administration and General Management at Khemarak University and at University of Management and Economic.

Sinat is a leader in this field already. She wishes to run an arts gallery in her home town in Battambang province. Also, she aims to continuously develop her skills and knowledge about the arts from around the world.


MENH CHANVANDA (Aka. Romdoul Lich Tek) is a fashion designer, make-up artist, and hair stylist. Romdoul has

Romdoul by Nation Studio

demonstrated her talent and creativity in fashion design by researching and exposing many forgotten and rare elements of Khmer culture and tradition. She has appeared with her creative costumes in various annual cultural events such as the Angkor Sangkran, film festivals, and Bonn Phum. Romdoul does not only simply design customs. In order to design a piece, she has researched, inquire experts, choose natural and pure Khmer products, written about it, and post them on her social media. Mostly, she uses her own idea and resources to develop her work. Though, she has become a well-known celebrity, Romdoul has not yet seen herself as an artist. She truly is. Her idea, her concept behind her work has great element of being cultural leader. Despite her success, Romdoul feels that she needs to build her confidence and learn about arts concepts to apply with her artistic works. To learn more about her, click the link here.


Heak Pheary is an art teacher and an independent artist who was awarded residencies at Hue Artists Residency in Vietnam and Sa Sa Art Projects in Phnom Penh. Her work focuses on environmental issues, human rights and gender. She has been conducting art workshops for hundred children as well as high school students in collaboration with Create Cambodia, a Peace Corps Initiative. In the last 5 years, Pheary has exhibited her work at various arts organisations.

Similarly to Romdoul, Pheary wishes to learn more about the concept of arts and be able to confident as a woman artist. Besides working on her visually artistic concept, Pheary aims to use her skills to work to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Click here to learn more about Pheary and her work.


Ou Buntheng is the Operation and Tour Manager from Epic Arts Kampot. He has worked and support artists with different kinds of disabilities to create creative dance gestures and performance locally and internationally. Buntheng’s oldest son has a down syndrome which has inspired him to become a strong advocate for inclusiveness and artists with disability. Buntheng wishes to apply knowledge he has learned from the living arts fellows program to work more closely and deeply to benefit artists with disability. Find out more about Epic Arts Kampot to understand Buntheng’s work.


An Raksmey is a senior technical officer from the Kampong Thom provincial Department of Culture and Fine Arts. He is an adventurer and art researcher. He has found Living with Heritage Project where he has researched, photographed, and written on cultural practices, traditional ceremony, songs, and dialect etc. Also, he has jointed numerous internships which required him to travel within the Mekong as well as Japan for cultural exchange. Like Romdoul, Raksmey uses his own resources to maintain the on-going of the Living with Heritage Project. Raksmey graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts, major in Anthropology. His thesis was on “The Belief on Arak at Sambo village”.

Raksmey wishes to run a museum at Sobor Preku area where he can display many cultural practices of the people living around the area. Also, he wishes to display his own research work in the public and other spaces to raise public awareness about the definition of arts beyond dance and singing. He questions himself on how to sustain his work.

We hope that they will bring the best and make the most of the Living Arts Fellows program.