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Inviting for a home visit…a scam. Beware!

Phina So
August10/ 2014

There was a woman who was walking down the street alone not very far from Wat Phnom. While she was enjoying herself, she met a middle-aged man on the street. He asked “Where are you from?”. As a polite person, she responded “Australia”. Then the conversation between the two strangers started to go on.

“Which part of Australia are you from?”,

“Melbourne” she again politely responded.

Next, the man told “I’ve got a daughter who lives in Melbourne. She’s still here and will travel to Melbourne soon. Would you like to meet her?”

“Is she near here?”, the woman asked.

“We live very close from here. Would you like to go with me on this motor-taxi?”. Immediately, the woman refused realizing something not right was going to happen. She walked away from the man who claimed he is from Malaysia.

The woman is my friend from Geelong, Melbourne, Australia. She told me what happened to her. I told her that it was a scam. So, I explained further not forgetting to tell her that she was clever not to go with him.

If she decided to go with him, he will drive her to a very poor conditioned house. Firstly, she might feel what’s an unfair opportunity for human being to live in such a situation. Then, there must be someone very sicked inside. She might again feel very touch with that family that she would want to donate some money. But there would not be an end. They would tell her that only about $2,000 or $3,000 or whatever amount that could save his or her life. For example, if she said she doesn’t have that much money, they will offer some assistance to accompany her to a nearby ATM. If she still refuses realizing that she was vulnerable at that particular time, something violent is expected to happen.

This kind of scam is not new. It happened to many innocent expats already. Google “Cambodia’s blackjack scam to learn from frighteningly identical experiences from other friendly expat people who used to fall into this remorseless act. I also found a blog which is useful. The author writes a detailed experience of the scam (http://stevensheehy.com/cambodias-blackjack-scam/).

So, beware of scam.