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Madison, our most favorite dance move and a great messenger

Phina So
July23/ 2014

Yesterday, I read an article on the Cambodia Daily news, a neutral English newspaper in town. From the picture on page (), I saw a picture of a group of about 100 mostly young male and female Cambodians gathered to dance the Madison, one of the most favorite dance move, to promote awareness of women and girls safety. I wasn’t there but by reading the news, my imagination started to rock.

I imagined myself walking into the Samaritan crowd and ready to join them. Then, a minute later, I saw myself dancing freely and enjoyably among my comrades. Again, I could see nothing but myself and 100 others dance. The sweet drops of rain poured all over our bodies as if they blessed our tiring days. The smiles on our faces were so fresh as if the rain drops just washed away our worry, sadness, and anxiety.

We danced with hope to see peace on earth.

We danced to pledge with angels to come and see us praying for the safety of our people. In the imagination, I still saw us dance to wake the Indra to grant us just a very little but wise wisdom for peace among us.

I was still dancing while rain was just purring on our heads and we again still danced as if there were real Indra and angles.

While, I was rolling my imagination of dancing the fancy Madison, I soon realized that there were no Indra or angles that would grant us wish but the 100 people who were working, singing, dancing with heartfelt effort to make awareness to protect vulnerable people.

It is all my imagination. I didn’t join the crowd but in spirit I was there and my deep thank to those who were committed to bring the Madison into a great messenger so that more people aware that we all have a responsibility to share to protect those vulnerable as much as we can.

Photo credit: Angkor Sangkran