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My cat Alex!

Phina So
October20/ 2011

I like cats. I knew it as long as I remember when I was a young kid. I was told by my mother not to play closely with cats or they would cause plasma. I never cared. I felt so good to play with them or even sleep with them through the night.

When I left home to study at college, I missed my cat very much. To cope with it, I have raised a lady cat named Alex. She was a little beauty, tailless cat. She liked to be cuddled as normal cats do. One day, Alex appeared to look like she was pregnant. I was not surprised. Due to I love her very much, I gave her every meal I had. Days passed and her tummy grew bigger. She seemed less active than before. She spent most of her time sleeping.

One day I don’t remember when, Alex ran to me with tearful eyes as we always looked into the eyes for communication. I feel something must be urgent and she needed my help. Yes, Alex was on the way to delivery her babies. I was to frighten! I didn’t know what to do and Alex kept running forward and backward and that caused me more trouble. I wished she would stop her unrest movement.

Luckily, I found my small wardrobe for her to deliver her offspring. I thought she would stay there until she has finished her process and I walked away. Again this little lady cat ran out and stopped me and started to yell at me. Didn’t know what to do, I sat by her again and waited her until she painfully gave birth to her four cute kittens. I was so delight to become a midwife for my cat. And it was end of my business and left her to read books.

Not long, Alex came again with frightening eyes. She bit my toes. It didn’t hurt but she made me angry. She just sat at the end of my bed and went nowhere. She kept crying and yelling at me (That was how I felt). I ran out of my patient and I yelled at her “What’s wrong with you?”She suddenly turned her back to me but still sat there crying. Later, I changed my mind so I dropped my books and got up from my bed. Immediately, Alex led my way. I followed her who kept turning back to see if I walk after her.

Then I knew that Alex needed my help to tell my girl friends to stay away from new born babies. The girls who were so curious to see the new born kitten, picked them up and had a look and another one came and did the same thing. I could feel the pain Alex felt about it. As a gentle cat, she could do nothing to keep these people to stay away for her offspring and that was why she came to me to ask for my help again. I angrily told the girls not to touch them or they would make the young kitten sick. They understood and left. Now Alex was alone again with her cute kittens and ready to nurse them.

Alex had taught me something! One thing is animals can make a trusted communication with human and they love their kids as humans do. Ten years ago but I still remember that day vividly.

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