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My First Bike

Phina So
June27/ 2012

My parents bought me a new bike when I was a fifth grader. I was so happy to have it. Before having the bike I used to walk about 2 km from my house to school everyday.

The first day I rode the bike was the final exam announcing day. There was a meeting at Pursat Primary School where every 5th graders were expected to attend. The aim of the meeting was to announce the result of the exam. At that time, there were no writing on papers with your names with pass or fail but was to announce with a loud speaker by a school teacher. For those who didn’t hear their names meant they failed and were expected to study the same grade next year. So, it was not a normal day.

To attend the meeting, I came early. I parked my bike at a big tree nearby the meeting which was taking place at a big space under a big tree. It was also easier for me to keep my sight on it. I guessed everyone was very excited as we sat down obediently and quietly trying to listen for our names. We were so afraid of the teachers at that time. Fortunately, I heard my name and i was so happy. I thought my parents made the right decision to buy me the bike as a reward for passing the exam.

There were both laughs and tears for those who passed and failed. For me, I didn’t remember much about what I had done after the meeting but I walked home happily with a big smile on my face. It was my first state exam to pass primary school to study at element school so it was a very big day for my life. I remembered how I talk to myself on how I should tell my parents about this good news. The walk was quicker than usual I guess. That might be due to the happiness and the success I have had experienced. I expected that my parents could not wait to ask for my result from my own mouth and I expected a pleasant and proud smile from both of them.

Unfortunately, things were not like I expected. Instead of showing me the faces I wanted to see, my mum yelled “WHERE IS YOUR BIKE?”

Without saying a word, I ran as quickly as I could. It was 2km. I was very frightened like hell. It was almost dark when I arrived there. Well, a good news was still a good news as I saw my bike alone at its original place. Finally, it was a late good news as I only told my parents about my news after I arrived for the second time.

I was about 10 or 11 years old at that time so it was more than 20 years ago but I still remember how I forgot my first bike.:)

Note: The photo of a bike was taken at Salzburg, Austria