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New Year Surprise

Phina So
January09/ 2009

The new-year eve for me is not special. It is as normal as the usual day, never has a surprise or event or party to welcome the New Year. I don’t know why but it is always like this. Before married, yes I used to be very excited but there is no recently.


What is the cadeau for this New Year? I got sick from food poisoning and decided to stay at the place where people don’t want to. It was so tired and boring day to lay down for IV drop and injections.


Vorta also paid me a visit. He recognized me as soon as he saw me. He is such a cure for me. He played and acted a lot on my hospital bed with 2-day unchanged sheet. I deadly want to read and write but I don’t have strength at all. Though my dad managed to buy me a magazine, Apsara Khmer, i ended up only half an hour later. What are the rest was for?


Though I didn’t feel all right 100% but I had to leave for home because it was too boring as the other patient already left.