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An unethical nurse

Phina So
April26/ 2013

One of my female cousins has suffered from harassment. It was not from her school but the hospital where she paid a visit for a suspicious of breast cancer.

My cousin found something wrong on one of her breasts. It possibly is a cancer. She was so scared. She spent many days crying. Bravely, she decided to tell her parents about her problem. They agreed that they must take her to a hospital.

They went to a big hospital in Phnom Penh. After several check up, she was told to bring the scan certificate to another office. There were 6 people there including a nurse and many medical student trainees. The nurse read through her examination paper. Later, she asked whether my cousin is a virgin. She said yes. Immediately, she laughed and said ‘’ Oh, you are a virgin and you have to go through a breast operation…has has ha”. The several medical students also laughed. Then the nurse went on “your breast meat must be chopped, shared, and examined so that we can identify whether it is a cancer or not”. Tear dropped….for the girl.

My cousin was shock, embarrassed and speechless. She dared not look at the medical students who surrounded her and laughed at instead of comforting her. She and her mother walked away with painfulness.

I am a woman and I am hurt. I can feel the pain my cousin has suffered at the hospital. I wonder why the nurse and the medical students could laugh at her. A patient who was so deadly worried about a fatal disease was bullied and harassed by medical staff. Wasn’t it a sharp knife which struck her in the chest?

Their word ‘CHOP’ is very unethical and I keep wondering where the privacy of the patient is.

What a pity for those students to get on training from the unethical nurse?

Artist: Kong Monirath Toro