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Our anthologies

Phina So
May10/ 2018

Kampu Mera Editions was established in 2015 to be able to publish our first collection which led to another two other anthologies. This quick post I’d like to quickly introduce the three books.

  1. Crush Collections: Heartbroken? Not a problem!

These are nine short stories of women who found themselves falling in love and later heartbroken. Being honest in writing, mixing both funny and sad expression, the stories reflect the reality of relationship in Cambodian contemporary society. It is a size of 14 x 20 ​cm, 108 pages, and cost 3.00 US$.

Authors Kee Socheata, Kim An Arun, Prathna, So Phina, Huot Sylvie, Ouch Sodany

Front cover artists: Kee Ketmony

2) Vitheavy 2016 and Other Short Stories

The short story ‘Vitheavy 2016’ is one of the 15 short stories in the second edition of Kampu Mera. The story is rewritten based on the 40s classic novel ‘Withering Flower’ by a famous writer Nou Hach. Vitheavy 2016 tells a conversation between a mother and a young daughter on how the writer Nou Hach ended the story by making the female character ‘Vitheavy’ slowly die like a fading flower. Generally, the other 14 short stories tell a one-day format of diverse genres ranging from a memoir from the 80s, family affair, Cambodian bride, gender equality etc. Same size to the first anthology, slightly thicker at 124 pages and cost 3.50$.

Authors So Phina, Huot Sylvie, Hang Achhariya, He Hin, Kee Socheata, Huot Ketmony, Bhavna Khemlani, Yeng ​Chheangly

វិធាវី ២០១៦ ស្នាដៃទីពីរនៃកម្ពុមេរា (Artist: Kee Ketmony)

Bunthoeun 2017 and other Short Stories

This 3rd anthology ‘Bunthoeun 2017 and Other Short Stories” features 10 short stories from eight writers. These stories tell about the Cambodian “modern society” reflecting various social issues both from the past and present. Insecurity, fake coffee, violence against women, philosophical genre, the complexity of the standard beauty and hierarchy, and Bunthoeun, a correspondent character to the short story ‘Vitheavy 2016’ from the second anthology. All stories are told in men’s voices even though some stories are written by women.

Authors Hang Khmao, Huot Sylvie, So Phina, Im Lim, Kee Socheata, Hang Achhariya, Kim Dyna, Pao Makara

Cost 3$.

គម្រូក្របសៀវភៅ «ប៊ុនធឿន ២០១៧» (credit Xavier Dupre and Socheata Kee)

Thank you for supporting us.

Kampu Mera Editions team (Phina, Socheata, and Sylvie)