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Planning to achieve the Australian Award Scholarship

Phina So
April22/ 2014

Many people still do not get enough information about the Australian Award Scholarship though various initiatives and activities have been conducted and distributed by many actors like the Australian Alumni and the AAS. Hence, I decided to give some tips. The tips are not the best but they are my reflections of how I managed to grab the award.

Here are some of them:

*     Read, read, and read. You may need to read information from many sources as many times as you can. Follow all the links provided. Remember that you read with a purpose. Here are some of the useful websites which provide you great information about the scholarship:

o    http://aid.dfat.gov.au/australia-awards/pages/studyin.aspx

o   http://www.australiaawardscambodia.org

o   https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

*      Find out what are the scholarship’s priority areas and ask yourself the following questions:

o   What do you want to study?

o   Does your preferred course among the priority areas of the scholarship? If not, you may need to decide again.

o   Do your preferred course and the scholarship’ priority areas fit with your study background and work experience?

 *   Remember that you must have a clear idea of how your preferred course contributes to a bigger area of Cambodia development. For example, the 2015 AAS focuses on health. So, you may need to check with the Ministry of Health’s policy or search for gaps that health industry may need to better develop. Identify the gap and ask yourself again!

Remember that these are only some tips to help you identify your preferred course that may fit to 1) your background/work experience, 2) AAS’s priority areas, and 3) the RGC’s development plan.

Prepare yourself. Download the application and familiar yourself with the writing. Note down your qualification and write your work experiences. After writing, read your writing and edit.

Probably, you may need to ask someone to read your writing and give you some comments. You have to tell the award judge members that your background, your experiences, and your preferred study fit very well together. Also, state that with these quality of yours, you believe that you can contribute to Cambodia’ long term development if you are granted the award

Believe me, by allowing someone to read your writing does not mean that you are not capable. It is a way of learning. So, learn from your mistake.

*     English is important. It is better to familiar yourself or get an IELTS certificate.

Many people would think that they are not ready but keep in mind that the more you involve with the process, the more you feel you are ready.

Since the deadline of 2015 AAS is approaching very soon, why not plan for 2016 AAS. So, you have 1 year to go. Go, grab your opportunity!