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Questions women ask me the most

Phina So
February24/ 2013

As an Australian Development Scholarship awardee, I was inspired by families and friends especially women with children. Most of the time they ask me how can you do to handle your study while you are a mum (of two) and a wife?

To answer, I just made it easy. I only told them that I just spend more time at night to do my assignments. The next question is how can I stay alert if i don’t sleep enough. I, then,  explain that I need coffee to help me. I don’t say that coffee is best but I admit that it is helpful.

Many potential women I met complaint that they can not study anymore because they have children. That is not true. That’s not true at all. I have two children myself. I decided to bring them with me at Australia. Although it is difficult but I appreciate the time I spent with them. That was their smile that pushed me forward. It was their accompany that make me want to achieve my higher education. It was too tough to be a mum, a wife, an international student where English is my second language, but I always cling to hope. I hope that I can achieve something little by little. Although I didn’t manage to get highest score, I managed to accomplished my education.