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RMIT, a recalled

Phina So
July31/ 2014

I was at the Cafeteria just a floor under the RMIT’s Swanton library. I sipped a hot cappuccino (with 2 tsp of sugar as always) while I fought against my sleepiness. Then, there was a classmate came. We said ‘G’ day and she sat next to me.

She started the conversation knowing that I am from Cambodia. She asked “What make you miss the most from Cambodia?” I looked at her and in stead of replying I asked “Don’t you know that I had left two children at home (Cambodia)? She raised her eye brows and then suddenly we both fought against tears.

We held hands and looked at each other at the eyes. She said “I’m sorry I don’t know that you have two children at home. ” You must have missed them a lot”.

My tears became to roll down, unstoppable. I said “I’m sorry.” She immediately responded “Please don’t be sorry! I am a social worker”.

We became friends.