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Same and no different

Phina So
June16/ 2014

I bet many of us would have seen a phrase “Same same but difference” I am not sure of where does it come from but today I came with a new similar term. It is “Same Same and no different” to refer to the “cleaning the city” of the Phnom Penh Municipality in removing beggars and street sellers.

While we have been overwhelming over the picture of how our Cambodian people were “dumped like cattle” by the Thai authority, the “cleaning the city” is the same and no difference.

In order to clean the city, beggars and street sellers were collected by the authority and put into a truckload and dumped away.

According to the Cambodia daily dated in 12 June 2014, NGOs group calls the act as ‘One big mess’ to express the unannounced collection of these poor people.

The Same Same but no difference is that while Thailand took an inhuman removal of Cambodian illegal migrant workers and treated them much worse than animals, we Cambodians, had removed our own poor people who working on the street is the only to live. It is no difference! Doing this is not going to solve any problems. It only creates greater burden to these poor/disadvantaged people who are only trying to make their end meet.

Only genius and effective policy, and commitment in budget allocations to build their life skills that can bring them out of the street. Is it a crime to come and work and sell stuff on the street?

I bet if they can find a job that they can offord 1 kg of beef and 2kg of rice per day, there is no one coming to street to beg for money. Bet?