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Mourning attitude of a nation

Phina So
May01/ 2014

The mournful expression of South Koreans over the ferry accident gets enormous respect from countless people around the world, I believe.

” I think the whole nations has gone through a serial depression over guilt” said at South Korean sociologist to CNN over the recent ferry disaster. He refers to a ferry disaster which cost hundreds of lives mostly high school students about two weeks ago.

south korean ferry disaster                                            The photo is credited to www.abc.net.au

Not only the families of the victims mourn but the whole nations. In a CNN article about the incident, even a restaurant owner who runs her business near the school where many students are her regular customers also mourns though she is not a relative of any of those students. She wore black and had tears in her eye while she spoke to CNN reporter. Another man, a father of two daughters, as reported by the CNN, spoke with tear and had a very difficult time to express his guilty feeling that he could do nothing to help anyone on the ship. And that he felt ashamed of himself.

A fisher man, who was the first on his fishing boat to rescue many students from the sinking ship, said that he has pain rather than joy (of helping the survivors) to know that there are many grieving parents over the death of their children. Besides, countless people came to the street, lit the candles, bind yellow string, and said sorry to the victims.

Many celebrities also share their sadness along with their countrymen. For example, a couple who has just heard that they are parent-soon-to be, wish to stay silent rather than congratulate their fortunate news. Another singer decided not to release her new album because she knows that the whole nation is grieving.

Their actions represent the attitude of a nation where responsibilities of welfare of others lie in the heart. It is what HUMANS should pick up and learn to be a person.

The incident may remind many Cambodians over the death of hundred Cambodian people on the worst ever stampede on the last of three-day water festival in 2010 on Koh Pich bridge. Yet, till today, there is not even a single sign of a concrete investigation to find the root cause of the accident at all.

Note: due to distressing photos from such tragedy can be, another photo reflecting mother nature is replaced.