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Strange thing in my country

Phina So
November13/ 2009

Usually, criminals run aways after they committed crimes. In Cambodia, it is the victims who need to flee for their safety. There was a rape case committed by a police officer and his fellow on a 19-year-old woman. He compensated the girl with $250 then the girl fled. Another officer said ” She should not complaint because she is not a virgin and already took the money”.

It is so sad that a law enforcement officer could say such a thing. He was telling people that rape can be a criminal act when only it happens on virgin girls. It is totally wrong!! Even a husband who forces his wife for sex also means he rapes his wife and he should be punished as well.

I wish all the police officers are polite, have basic human rights, respect their duties, and have a strong will in protection their people. That is their works are for! They are paid to protect the people.