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Swanton Street, Melbourne City

Phina So
June19/ 2014

How I miss the charming and elegant Swanton Street and that is the reason I decided to write about it. In order to do so, I requested a Cambodian brother Dom Mony (his Facebook name) to take a few shots for me. Though few, they are enough to tell what the Swanton street looks like.

There is a lot going on at the Swanton street. There are trams, cars, bikes, trees, tall buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, attractive cafes, and street performances..life always goes on.


On the right hand of the photo, you can see a big walk way where people can walk without worry about anything. Though far sometimes to reach your destination, walking along the street does not seem to feel tired at all​ because your wandering mind would go along with various street performances at varied places. Below are some photos of street performers.

The angle, an art of street performance0317743_783073201711068_123633933188919176_o

Don’t you want to stop by and taking some photos with the angle (please do not forget to give her some coins)

How do you think of the boy band?

credited to Dom Mony
credited to Dom Mony

Don’t you want to stop by and enjoying their songs?

The charming Cafes are just around. New comers might shock with the price of the coffee. The cheapest one is $1 and it is a self-serve coffee. It can be between 2$ to 4$ per cup. In Cambodia, poor people can earn only $2 per day. However, it is not a big deal to enjoy yourself at the most livable city by sipping the taste of Swanton coffee for a while before you come back to the real life in your own poor country.

The flower stance below is so lovely. Unlike many shops in Phnom Penh, they do not put fences around that make people difficult to walk. Even though, you do not want to buy, by looking at the photo itself makes you want to wish someone automatically. And it might also remind you about your loved ones.

credited to Mom Mony
credited to Dom Mony

I remember walking along Swanton street with many lovely people I met at Melbourne. Always remember their care, huge, and accompany.