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The Captured Khmer Rouge soldiers in the early 80s

Phina So
August11/ 2012


There was a match one day. It was happened in the early 80s at Pursat province. It was not a simple match but a killing match. My parents tried to bar me from viewing the scene as they knew that it was not good for me to see such horrible act. Unfortunately, there attempt to prevent me from watching was failed. And here is the story of what I had seen.


There were about a hundred of people. They were matching behind about twenty captured Khmer Rouge soldiers. The dying solders were half naked. They wore black, town pants. Their hands were tied to their back with strong yellow robes. They were also walking with barefoot. I bet they knew that they were walked to their death. The people who walked behind them carry any weapons they would find. Some carried knife, axes, hammers and maybe guns. I was told by my parents that they were going to kill those captured soldiers. I asked why? They told that because Khmer Rouge killed millions of people during their years. That was the reason why they kill those soldiers to take revenge.


It seems to me the image is always with me. I wish it would go away.