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The donation

Phina So
May21/ 2014

We noted that there is a box asking for donations from guests for people with disability. Our instinct kicked in. As we have 4 huge bags of used clothes donated by our colleagues, we thought that we find out where to give away those clothes.

The donation box

We noted the mobile number from the box and made the call. About 30 minutes later, there came two young women with a supported wheel. Politely, she greeted us.

Happily, we donated the used clothes to them with our 10$ plus to the two of them. Throught out our short conversation, we realized that there are other 30 men and women with disabilities coming from rural villages of Prey Veng to the city to continue their education. And they share two houses, men and women separately. They live each day by the donations they collect from various hotels and restaurants. If you come to visit Prey Veng, please keep an eye for the box and give some. The money truly go to them, believe me!


Though short, time what we learnt from them was a shocking one. One of them got a job offer from a big bank. When he was offerred the job, their big boss was not around. Unfortunately, when the boss arrived, he was told that the company didn’t want to employ a man with a disability like him. He was only on a day and a half and he was fired. IT WAS REALLY UNFAIR.

Learning their story and struggle, I feel I can’t do anything more to help them. However, we exchanged numbers so that we can update new information we might have in the future. I wish them all the best opportunity.