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The invitation

Phina So
June27/ 2013

When I was about 7 or 8, I and four other friends were invited for a small gathering by a few Vietnamese soldiers. We were so excited for the invitation.

We dressed very nicely and matched to the soldiers’ hut which was built in the middle of a huge rice field. The scenery was excellent. There were water lilies everywhere. The air from the rice field was so pure that there is no one could forget its freshness.

We walked about 1km from our village to the hut. It was very small for the three soldiers but there were so many windows. We were invited to come inside by the men who voluntarily cooked for us.

They brought a big pot of soup. The soup looked very delicious. It smelled so good. The taste was as good as it looked. We were having a lot of fun and we ate a lot. The Vietnamese told us a lot of jokes but I couldn’t remember. I don’t even recall what language was used at that time. I don’t think I could speak Vietnamese.

Though we had so much fun, one of us had to ask him mum for coin healing. He was so sick because of too much eating.