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The joke we used to tell…it is wrong!

Phina So
May12/ 2014

There is a joke many people used to share and laugh. After telling such a joke, I later realized that I was wrong and wish that I would never did that.

The joke is about a gay man who sells fruits in his village. One day, he started his day as usual. He usually invited villagers to buy his fruits with his feminine voice. While he was walking through the village, he saw a group of people as if they had just done something. Out of curiosity and with this feminine voice, he asked a by looker “What’s happened?”. The man who recognized that he is gay laughingly responded “Oh, people had just killed a gay man”. Fear for his life, the gay man started to change his feminine to masculine voice loudly and walked past the group of people as quickly as he could.

I guess people find the story “wrongfully” humorous when the gay man changed his voice from feminine and masculine voice. It is sad indeed. SAD!

There are two scenarios which we, those who used to tell or continue to tell the story, overlook. Firstly, we create an environment where we discriminate against our brothers and sisters who consider themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT). We simply look down on them and do not count them as part of our community. It is wrong because everyone has the same rights and respected by the law. Secondly, we unconsciously accept a crime where people used the word “KILL” in the joke without emphasizing on the possible punishment on those killers. Simply accept the joke and laugh means that we allow such evil act to happen in our society without seriously take any action.

Though it is a joke but it somehow tells a reality where many people do not realize that there is something wrong with the reality. Let’s mindful about jokes and stop telling this one.