• Today is: Monday, September 23, 2019

The Mother Day

Phina So
May12/ 2014

Yesterday was Mother Day. In Cambodia, many people celebrated it on the most popular social network, Facebook, showing off their style of respect to their mothers. Lots of postcards, status, video were developed and uploaded throughout the day to appreciate the women who gave them lives, care, and unconditioned love. Many respected mothers appear online as a result. This is a good practice. And it would be best if all those who post online about how they appreciate their mothers say so in reality to their mothers.

While millions of people were celebrating the day, let us remember those Nigerian mothers who their beloved daughters were taken away by the so-called Islamist group, Boko Haram. We can’t truly feel the same agonizing experience those mothers are having right now.

There has been a debate on how little the government and the world do to help rescue those girls. Their families are now having an uncertain future whether they have the chance to meet their loved one again or not. Many people started their campaign to pressure world government to take action to save those girls via social media and news. #Bring Back Our Girls# is seen every where now.

Let’s pray to every girls, boys, women, and men to have peaceful earth to live with each other with harmony especially to the girls to be safe and return back to their awaiting families.