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Children are hired to look after other children

Phina So
July02/ 2014

What else do you observe when you accompany young children to play at playground. While we see other proud parents try to engage and carefully look out for their cheerful children, besides, you might only see there are only children. But, yes, there are some children who are paid to watch somebody’s  younger children.

And, they probably are child domestic workers.

Among about 100 kids in a much crowded indoor play area, there were about 3 CDWs who I noticed performing their work there. While they were excited to have to come to a new modern place and they themselves can play along, but they are expected to keep an eyes for younger toddlers.

For expats, I believe, it might be difficult to spot which children are CDWs. For Cambodians, it is much easier to spot one. Though excited, they tend to act less confidence and do not dare to play freely as they have to work, not to freely play.

While the governments allow children as young as 12 years old to work, lack of institutional inspection and qualified inspectors leave those children vulnerable to abuses. Simply, some employers would still view that they have the right to discipline their young domestic workers by physically knock on the head and to psychologically abuse by just scolding. To some CDWs, scoldings perhaps just their everyday life treatment that leaves them to believe that it is just normal part of their job.