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The reason behind the Ice Bucket Challenge

Phina So
August22/ 2014

If you have been on Facebook recently, you probably witness the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” which post by many celebrities include Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justine Bieber, Bill Gates, Mark (the Facebook founder), and many others.  You might see their charming and weird facial expressions when they dump buckets of ice over their heads and then nominate others to do the same. But why do they do that?

The viral Ice Bucket Challenge has been doing for a good purpose. The challenge, according to the website of ALS Association, the purpose of doing this is to raise fund to support the ALS research and ALS patients and their families. ALS, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a muscular degenerative disorder that affects the muscle neurons of the body. Eventually, it leads to paralysis, vital organ failure and, in some cases, death (Noah Sterling from www.mashable.com). It basically means if catches the disease, patients are not able to move and function some important organs. So, they depend on their family members to bath, to feed, and do everything for them.

There is no medicine to cure this disease yet.

So, the viral phenomenon “Ice Bucket Challenge” is being promoted from many people around the world to get more funding for research to find a treatment for ALS patients. Now, according to the New York Times, the challenges has now topped US$41 million.

What should have done better with the challenge is that each individual should also indicate a clear statement about why they do this so that more people aware of the disease and its suffers.

Cambodia can do the same for good purposes.