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Two Capitals and One City in Scandinavia

Phina So
September10/ 2016

It was a great experience to get the chance to travel to Scandinavian countries. I visited Stockholm, where I attended a conference conducted at Stockolm university, I also visited Oslo, the Capital city of Norway and Kristiansand city, where my friend and his family live. The beauty is exceptionally beautiful. It is everywhere. I just turned my eyes and took the most of it.

Stockholm is the Capital city of Sweden which consists of 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. I stayed at one of the island, Lindigo. Ropsten is the main station connecting Lindigo to the city center.

Gamla Station is quite close to Ropsten station. From Gamla Station, I visited the famous Old Town. Its attractions are the old colorful town houses, medieval narrow streets and alleyways, and historical buildings such as the Noble Museum and the Royal Palace. According to Visitsweden’s website, the Old Town is the original city center of Stockholm. It dates from the 13th century but most buildings were built in 17- and 1800s.

Stockholm leaves me one of the best impression of Swedish people. Knew that I needed to buy postcards for my colleagues, I found a lovely little souvenir shop in the center of the Old Town. After selected 10 postcards, I walked inside and found the shop owner. He said hej (Hi in Swedish) and I replied the same. After I handed the cards, he asked ‘Are they ten?’. I responded ‘yes’. Then, he put them in a bag. It didn’t stop me from asking ‘Won’t you count?’. He said with a smile ‘I trust you. That’s the typical Swedish! That made my day.

Colorful townhouses

Oslo is quite quiet compared to Stockholm. While we were driving around the Capital, I saw only a few Cafes. What makes it quite contrast to Cambodians, Norwegian and Swedish people enjoy sitting under the sun.

A few photos from Oslo. Vigeland Park, one of the most visited sites in Oslo, is famous for its 212 statues made by the Norway’s best-loved sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

The Royal Palace:

Group photo with Cambodian people

After leaving Oslo, we went to Sweden Norway border. It was my first ever to sleep in a tent. And the fact that I spent my night in a tent at Swedish Norwegian border was the best ever experience. When we arrived there, it was about 4pm. After paid our fee, we started to install our tents. I was instructed by my friend, Pyseth. While he was showing me, I teased him over and over again.

Photo credit: Lang Sethisen

Here it is when it was finished.

Soon after we had dinner at 7pm while the sun looked like 3pm in Cambodia, we soon said good night. I was a little worried that I could not fall asleep due to cold weather but it turned out well.

The reason I have always wanted to visit Norway is the chance to see the mid-night sun. Although after all I was only able to see the 9:30pm sun, the trip to the two Scandinavian nations was one of the highlights in my life.

Sun set at Sweden Norway border on 27 August 2016 at 9:30pm.