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Unconditional love

Phina So
August17/ 2014

We have two dogs and they are lovers. The male dog gives her all of his love, care, and authority. They are such a lovely couple, always together.

He lets her choose first from their two plates of meal. He only eats once she has chosen. Whenever he has found something from the street, he gives her first and only eats after her. Things has been going very well until recently. The female dog has been kidnapped. Thus, he can’t do this to her anymore since her traceless disappearance.

He has been very sad and hasn’t eaten since then. Only keeps looking at the two bowls.

I wish he could talk so that we could listen to what he has to express. I feel sad indeed. We just can’t express enough.

I think there are so many things we can learn from animals especially their loyalty and love.