• Today is: Friday, September 20, 2019

What a world we are living?

Phina So
December18/ 2014

With the news from Pakistan on recent massacre on innocent lives, from Australia in regards to the Sydney Siege, and from the ISIS’s justification on sexual slavery…while in Cambodia, a local doctor is rumored and suspected of spreading HIV to about a hundred villagers among those some are under 18 years old. It is too much to bear.

No word is enough to describe the despair,

No more word to express the feeling-

-As we want to share-

To those grieved families, friends, and loved ones-

-Whose loved ones’ lives are lost in such a coward act.

In this despair world, while love is hard to spread,

and hate is quickly to grow,

​​ It is really hard to breath,

at the current world.

Not sure if this can be called a poem but what I wish is to send my deep condolence to those lives affected.