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What i don’t like about Chinese New Year!

Phina So
March13/ 2009

What I don’t like about Chinese New Year!



Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year every year mostly in February. They are united within their relatives at their home villages. They prepare something for their ancestors, chatting, visiting places, eating, drinking, giving the younger red pocket etc.


What I don’t like about the new year is the noise! You hear firecrackers everywhere and at every corner. I hate parents who let their little children enjoy burning firecrackers. How can everybody happy with such a noise like being in the war? It sounds like fighting in the city. I feel everybody is shooting each other.


Not only the noise I don’t like but also the price of everything! The sellers increase the price from double to triple! You can’t buy thing with a reasonable price. Even the bus companies, they increase much higher than usual one. It is unfair for those who want to visit their families at the provinces. They should have lowered price or at least the same price as a gift for the passengers. They won’t and they’ll never do that!


Another reason is too much traffic jam at almost every street for the first and the last day. People must go to all directions so there are many people on the main street and it is difficult to go anywhere.


Some of the Cambodian-Chinese school teachers and student are absent so most of the school are closed. It is not a national holiday but some students reluctantly decided to come to school too because they expect their teacher and classmate won’t come too. It is due to the Chinese believe that among the New Year days, they must stay home as they have to respect the strict norm. There are less and less of Pure Cambodia in the world.


The last point I would like to raise is doing without knowing anything about Chinese New Year. Some people just pretend and follow the Chinese as they think their business would become successful. It’s a myth, isn’t it?


Finally, there are many points I don’t like about Chinese New Year but I respect people belief and culture if thye’ re the real Chinese and make sure their celebration don’t disturb the public. The parents should have told their little children to be away from the firecrackers because it might causes danger to them. Most men drink and become drunk and might end up with accident. The students and teacher should attend class as usual or at least should try to attend class as much as they can