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Steps to getting the Australian scholarship

Phina So
June02/ 2014

There is one more question about the scholarship. The inquiry is “What if my areas of education background and work experience do not match the Australian Award Scholarship’s top priority areas? It is a very good question and I think many people do have the same doubt.

It is not easy to give advice to this wise question. Below are my personal ideas that I hope they give you some clues.

First of all, it is important to remember that education background, work experience, and the top given top priority is match. However, it is also wise to note that the scholarship also opens for cross cutting field. It is up to you to find the convincing evidence through your thinking and searching skills. Moreover, it depends on your ability to produce what you have searched into writing and commitment showing that the course you will be chosen is beneficial to you and long-term Cambodian development.

To start with, I suggest that:

  • Remember what are the priorities of the AAS, AusAID’s Country Program Strategy, and, and Cambodia’s National Strategic Development Plan
  • Search as many universities as you can. For example, you prefer Melbourne University. Google the university and find out what are available courses the university is offering. Perhaps you type “International Relations” at the Uni Mel (Short name of Melbourne University). For there you may find many other similar courses. Let’s guess that you find one course is interesting and it matches with your education
  • What to do next is to ask yourself how the course you prefer would benefit to the Cambodia development. List them down. Try to find as many as you can!
  • Write how can you carry out the course successfully and how can you bring what you will gain from the course to contribute to Cambodia

I am going to give you an example that may help you start. There was a candidate whose field is in IT major. Sure, the scholarship did not consider IT as a top priority. Their focus were on agriculture and Rural Development, Health, Infrastructure, and Law and Justice. Though his major does not relevant to the four priority areas of the scholarship, he was successfully awarded. You might wonder why the candidate was selected. It is because he proved the committee that his IT skills will make Cambodian government to become an E-Government. He got the point because many government institutions did not have a very good system of information technology. His proven written demonstrated how will he going to achieve in the future. Hence, he was awarded.

Post more questions, then I will try my best to answer. hope that helps.

Photo credit to: Canadian Inquirer