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What you should know about Pursat Province

Phina So
July02/ 2014
This is what People at Pursat are proud of.
This is what People at Pursat are proud of.

Before reaching Pursat province you will see this beloved symbol which stands high in the middle of the National road #5. It is the sculpture of Marble Pot which represent of people from Pursat. There are facts you should know about this little quiet province:

  • It has a charming, attractive, tiny island in the middle of the province. It is called Koh Sampov Meas literately means Golden Ship Island. It has been decorated, painted, and restored recently. It is a place where artists perform, athletes do their training, women meet and do group aerobic, and a hot spot for kids playground. Occasionally, provincial sponsored event are held at the island.
Sompove Meas Island
The beautiful Koh Sampov Meas at Sunset (credited to tourismcambodia.com)
  • The name “Pursat” means “Drifting Bodhi” (Wikipedia), the fourth largest province which population rank only at 14th. It locates 174 kilometres north west of Phnom Penh
  • The province holds the annual “Pursat River Race”, usually in November. Though the event is relative new, it attracted 800 runners from all walk of life. According to (2011), the event’s status is the second only from the Siem Reap’s annual Angkor Wat Half Marathon.
  • Pursat province is famous for the resourceful Cardamom mountain ranges and its marble carvings.
  • The province is a place where Pursat Peacock Dance was created by a famous artist Sophorn who is now retired.
    credited to Koh Santepheap News via (http://pursatprovince.blogspot.com/2014/04/Peacock-Dance-Pursat.html)
    credited to Koh Santepheap News via (http://pursatprovince.blogspot.com/2014/04/Peacock-Dance-Pursat.html)


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