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When we cannot write more than this!

Phina So
February24/ 2016

​​​នៅពេលដែល យើងមិនអាចសរសេរអ្វីបានច្រើនជាងនេះ។​​
When we cannot say more than this!

​​​​​គេថាគេខឹង គេផ្ទុះកំហឹង គេខឹងគេថា
ខុសហើយឲ្យដឹង កុំហ៊ានហានក្លា គេខឹងគឺថា

​​​​​They told that they were angry
Yes, they were angry, clearly
When they got angry, they said
It is so wrong, don’t you know?
How dare you have done this
When we knew they were angry
They were angry, and we knew that!

Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria