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When you realize that you are interviewing a gang rapist

Phina So
March27/ 2013

Aela Callan, 101 East’s producer, did a very good job in stirring a sensitive social issue, gang rape. What touch me the most from the report is when the reporter looks at the eyes of a man who openly says he lures young girls for gang raping with his friends. I know she was so angry and she has thousand questions wandering in her mind about how does an ordinary, a husband, and a father regularly gang rape women.

Through what she has written, I can clearly understand how difficult she has been facing by interviewing a man who admitted that he gang rapes young women for fun, just for fun. I even felt tense and I don’t think I can do the same if I were her. Shamelessly, the man is a husband and a father of two children. His wife would never know what her husband has been doing and I wonder to what extend his wife can do something against a man like this one.

Cambodia has the highest rate of rape in the region as 101 East reports. The number is a worrying rate.

I understand that there are many underlying reasons of rape, gang rape, and other forms of violence against women. The consequence is so horrifying but we can do something to prevent it. We need tough laws. We need our countrymen to spread and share good acts, loving, respectful attitude toward women. We need men to teach their children to be responsible, kind, and respectful. We need women to stand up and advocate for a better, just, and peaceful place to live. We need everyone to give hands in challenging the culture of victim blaming so that victims can have their voice heard and lift their heads high.