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Whose fault is it?

Phina So
November19/ 2009


Once upon a time, there was an old lady lived in a remote village with many other families. They work in the rice field to make a living.


The lady is a hard working person and every one loved her. She always woke up at dawn and she started to remove the leaf on the road of the village every day. So the village looked great, clean, fresh when people woke up and children played peacefully and happily.


One day, her children who lived far away asked her to live with them so it was easy to take care of her because she was growing old. After she had left, the village became full of leaf and the village did not look clean anymore. Waste was everywhere and the children could not play like before. The villagers started to ask each other about her absence. Then there was one man spoke to all the villagers: WHERE IS THE OLD LADY? WHY DON’T WE CALL HER TO CLEAN THE VILLAGE? WHY SHE KEEPS THE VILLAGE SO UGLY? IT IS HER FAULT TO KEEP THE VILLAGE UNCLEAN!!!!!!!


So what do you think about this story. An Indian doctor named Bhoomi Kumar told the story long time ago.