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Phina So
June25/ 2014

In response to my recent blog post “Can you even bear a child?”, a new picture appears in the front page of the Cambodia Daily dated on 24 June 2014 satisfied me. The picture shows the assemblyman, who hackled Ms. Ayaka Shiomura while she was giving a speech at Tokyo, bowed in front of her for apology. I find the act is so delightful.

In the “Can you even bear a child?”, which cited partly from the CNN (2014), a female Tokyo lawmaker was shouted sexist comments repeatedly while she was urging the Japanese government to do more on women’s issue. In a consequence, the woman broke into tear and she urged those who interrupted her to come forward and make an apology. Moreover, she asked for more serious action made against who commit such sexist remarks.

As a result, Suzuki Akihiro, the male lawmaker who admittedly heckled Ms. Ayaka made a public apology by bowing in front of her (as shown in the photo above). The picture, again, tells a thousand words.

Personally, I find this very satisfactory  to see those who commit the offensive remarks on women to accept their action and change. In deed, we know that he admitted his mistake but we do want more.

An article which appears on Ms. Magazine website appreciates Ms. Ayaka’s action for standing against the gender-based discrimination at the workplace.

Sexist comments/jokes are quite common in Cambodia. We tell lot of sexist jokes without realizing it. We need to be cautious and slowly eliminate it from our society.

Photo credit: Yahoo News