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“You are moved by someone you met”

Phina So
July12/ 2014

Angelina Jolie is powerful. Thoughts came through my head while I listened to her interview via CNN a while ago. She told how she gains her commitments from the victims she met.  That’s probably one strong reason she has been committed to the cause to stop violence against women.

She said “It was time and again meeting young girls, boys, and women and men who publicly could talk about all of their pains but privately would become very emotional about rape and what happened to them. You know they couldn’t tell if a child was the child of rape… they simply couldn’t function any more. They carried this deep shame and this deep pain” (CNN, Hullah 2014).

Above is a quote of Angelina in an interview by CNN when she responded to why she fights sexual violence.

The empathy would come from the witness where you met a 6 year-old girl who was raped by a dozen men. It is probably from where you saw raped victims who have foreign objects in their vagina after the rape. It is probably from what you have read about two fingers test….it is from also what you have heard about two girls hanged after raped. Those stories would stay in her head and that enable her to do more to protect girls, women, men, and boy who are subject of sexual violence.

Let our hearts are broken…broken for the cause that we are part of the solution. We must do what we can…either through writing, talking about it….teaching our children about equality.